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The Journey

 Mini Fusion sauce was originally created in the summer of 2006. The idea came from the desire to please her then- boyfriend of the time, who is now her husband. He had asked her to marinate meat for him to grill. She decided to flavor it with as much love as she could, and people later remarked ironically that it was the doing of his work. But the person behind the sauce was actually a woman. Mini had always had that natural ability to cook and entertained.

In the fall of 2018, Mini finally decided to start her own sauce business, Mini Fusion, LLC. She wanted to share her unique blend of Asian flavors, herbs, and spices to others who enjoyed an all-in-one cooking sauce.


Mini had designed the sauces so that it flatters all manners of the Asian cuisine palette: tangy, sweet, salty, and of course, umami. It can be used to flavor chicken wings for the kids or a quick weekday stir-fry meal. It is practical for a stay-at-home mom with fussy kid(s) as well as an urban professional with limited time. She hopes that it is a wonderful addition to your meals as well as your life.

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